Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blue States and the Junk Drawer

You have a junk drawer too, right? I'm not the only person with a dirty little secret hiding in the kitchen, right?

Yesterday pretty much lost me at daybreak. I wasn't okay. I don't know what was wrong because there wasn't anything really wrong. I was blue. For no reason.

For me, the surefire fix to the state of "blue" is to clean something out. I've found this to be true so many times that I've often wondered if it's the hidden, cluttery messes that exist here and there in my house that occasionally bums me out and leaves me feeling blue and sick and tired of it all.

Whatever. The point is, when I'm feeling that "sick of the whole world" feeling, making some part of the house tidy usually makes me feel better. And it did yesterday. I tackled the junk drawer. Here's the actual, unretouched "Before" (there's no need to laugh, or be shocked or horrified because this is a reality blog, not a fantasy blog):

And here is the lovely, peaceful, useable "After":

I get into this drawer at least three times every single day, and on days I need batteries or a screwdriver or to sharpen a pencil, it's more than that.

I do believe it will be a much more pleasant, much less aggravating experience now. For the investment of about $3 for the small baskets and an hour's work, I went from blue and frustrated to calm and organized. That's a pretty good return!


  1. What did you do with that awesome rubber band ball?

  2. This operation was a success because now we can see the mail key, which is the most popular of items that the drawer contains, and the most frustrating when it is invisible.

  3. In Breakfast at Tiffany, Audrey Hepburn's character called it the "Angry Reds."