Monday, August 15, 2011

Is it possible... have too many projects on deck at once? I got a new quilting catalog yesterday, and every time I look at it to remind myself of the price of the ONE project I'm contemplating, I find at least two others I'm likely to talk myself into ordering.

Do you think Mr. Dub would notice if I spent his whole paycheck on quilting supplies/kits?

I think I need someone to talk me down from the ledge. It's not like I don't already have approximately ten or twenty projects either already started or waiting patiently in the wings.

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  1. I bought some flannel at our quilt Guild meeting last night. I'm going to make some receiving blankets for baby showers. I appreciate that really good idea.

    I have each of my "projects pending" in a square plastic box. When I finished the sunflower quilt, I just looked through my boxes and chose two to work on simultaneously. Now I'm busy again. Assemble some of projects you want to make (all the fabrics and patterns/instructions) and stack them somewhere. Then start working on one or two. This is useful when you're in your quilt shop or fabric store because you'll have specific ideas of what you need and won't just "shop" around. I know having a big stash would be great, but I have a big project stack and this works for me.