Friday, April 6, 2012

40 Bags - bags #31-35

The garage. I worked pretty hard in there today, and got about halfway through. Since I also did the Spring Spruce-Up in the yard today too, with some help from my boys, I am thoroughly worn out, and saving the other half of the garage for another day.

I got rid of several "outside" toys, a leaky cooler, some trash, and quite a few old paint cans. The "donate" box is already dropped off at the Goodwill, the trash is out on the curb waiting for trash day tomorrow, and the hazardous waste (partially-filled paint and polyurethane cans and some old fertilizer) is waiting patiently for me to find out where to take it.

I swept up a lot of leaves, pine needles, and dead bugs. June bugs, spiders, and mayflies. I definitely need to get a bug man.

Since I'm not done with the garage there aren't any pictures to show, so here's a look at a beautiful red daisy in one of my cleaned-out-and-freshly-mulched flower beds.

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  1. April 6 was a really long time ago. I like the pretty red flower, but I'm ready for a bit of change when you feel up to it. ;o)