Friday, November 19, 2010

Buttercup, in buttercup

When I found this soft, buttery yellow yarn I knew it had to be knitted into something for my favorite little Buttercup! It's taken a long time, and some studying, and some back-tracking, and a lot of thinking and re-thinking to get through it, but it's done! And just in time for some really chilly weather.

I'm glad that sweet little girl looks good in yellow. What a lovey she is!


  1. Ummm, Amy, what color does she NOT look great in? You made her a black poncho, and she also looks wonderful in that.

    There isn't a color she doesn't enhance.

  2. She is gorgeous in it! :) I kowtow to your knitting skills. I'm still working on my first dishcloth. :D Maybe it will be my lifetime project if I can't figure out how to go faster and not stop and count so much.