Thursday, November 25, 2010

Not-so-deep thoughts

on Thanksgiving Day:
  • I finished a project today. That's it in the picture.
  • I've only been about 2 1/2 hours worth of work short of having it done for a few months.
  • Two and a half hours is basically a single afternoon of sewing.
  • And I can't quite put it into words what the problem has been.
  • Why didn't I just finish it?
  • Not too long ago I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't begin any more craft projects until the ones I have already started are finished.
  • And I've broken that promise but I'm diligently trying to be reasonable.
  • (I really love having all my crafting and sewing supplies and tools in my front room -working on things is so much more pleasant and efficient.)
  • Tonight I wondered how long ago I started this quilt so I started going back through my blog to see if I could find out.
  • I couldn't.
  • But I thoroughly loved reading through many, many old blog entries.
  • I crack myself up sometimes. Seriously.
  • I miss writing in my blog every single day. Looking back now I'm sorry that I haven't been doing it.
  • But it's sort of like the thing with my quilt project - I can't figure out why I'm not just doing it.
  • There have been a lot of days for the last couple of months that I don't feel like I have anything fun or new to report so I skip a blogging day. I wonder if I just need to look a little harder for good things that are happening in my life? Am I focusing too much on the difficult things and the annoying, hurtful people and the small disappointments?
  • I was sitting in the big red chair watching TV tonight and thinking that I'm just pissing my life away sitting in front of the TV. There are so many things that are more productive, and more than just that - things I that I enjoy doing more, than flipping through the guide on the TV simply waiting for time to pass until something good comes on.
  • So I got myself up out of the comfy chair and into my craft room and finished the fun-and-done quilt.
  • It was fun. And now it's done. And I love it. It's warm, and colorful. And it's finished! It will no longer live in the corner of my crafting room silently castigating me for its unfinished state.

Today, as I was finishing up the Big 2-Hour Thanksgiving Dish-Washing Marathon which always follows the Big 3-Hour Thanksgiving Cooking Marathon, my Little Friend came in and asked me, "What's for dinner?".

He's a funny, funny guy.

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