Monday, May 9, 2011

I can't live like this

I'm the kind of person who needs the horizontal surfaces in her home free of clutter. It bugs me when things begin to stack up. It bothers me in a way that I can't explain, but it causes anxiety and insomnia when I have things that need to be put away laying in piles around the house.

I ordered some shelves about a week ago that were supposed to arrive today, and today, instead of shelves, I got an email saying that my shipment has been delayed until next Tuesday.

Next Tuesday. For pete's sake. I have to live with this pile on my kitchen counter for another week. Today it feels like my shelves will never come. If they ever do, all these jars will go up in my food storage closet and I'll have my kitchen counter back.

In the pic you can see on the right the ground beef and diced chicken that I canned over the weekend. On the left you can see the roasted reds I did this morning.

(My camera takes strange pics. My kitchen counter is every bit as white as the tile backsplash but in all my pictures, it looks beige.)


  1. I am so very impressed! It all looks so beautiful and delicious! Just keep making more stuff for your shelves... and tote it up to the room they'll be in when the shelves come so that you don't have to have it taking up your counter space while you wait.

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  3. Have your boys carry them upstairs, then you will only have to touch them once.

    I tried to type this a minute ago, but made a typo. I couldn't stand to look at it, so deleted it.

    stupid, I know...

  4. Does anyone know why sometimes I can't see any photos on people's blogs? I see Cami's and Jenna's and other people's, but I see no photos on yours. What's up with that?

  5. Can you not see the photos I took or the ones that I lifted from Google Images?

  6. When I'm there visiting, please don't tell me when you're cooking with the diced chicken or the ground beef from your food storage. I have a thing with meat being expired. And while this fear is totally irrational in this situation because I'm sure you've taken every pre-caution to make sure that it's perfectly safe to leave meat unrefrigerated, still, I might vomit.

    I will gladly eat it, as long as you don't tell me.