Friday, May 6, 2011


One of last month's jobs was to create an inventory sheet of items needed for a year's supply of food and other stuff my family uses and needs, and organize those things.

I've been working on it and I'm still working on it. It's a really, Really, REALLY big job because I want to acquire and organize these things in an orderly, cost-effective way rather than a random or expensive way. This means figuring out what we actually use and eat, creating menu plans and then breaking down those recipes into ingredient lists in order to form shopping lists, taking into account what I already have in the house, and so on. I wonder to myself as I'm doing this if people who are in the habit of making a weekly or monthly menu and shopping from it would have an easier time of this. I've tried (resolved?) so many times to make menu plans and shopping lists but even though I'm kind of rigid in that I like to know what's going to happen to me on any given day, and have a hand in arranging it, if possible, I eventually forget about my menus and go back to my old way of winging it when it comes to what we're having for dinner tonight or tomorrow or next week.

So anyway I've been making this inventory list of things we need and organizing it by categories. This morning I've been working on my Health and Beauty category because I've scored some amazing deals this week (and so my bathroom closets are filling up) by doing a more moderate form of Extreme Couponing. (Some time I'll blog about the meeting I went to that featured as a guest speaker one of TLC's Extreme Couponing chicks. It was way cool and very helpful and informative.)

Back to my list. (See how I get off task so easily? If people were asked to think of one word that describes me, I think most of them would say "tangent". I recently read an article on MSNBC that people who are able to focus on one thing at a time are generally more happy people than those people whose minds wander. I need brain training. STAT.) To create my Health and Beauty category for my inventory list I mentally went through my "getting ready" routine, and that of my husband's and children's, and listed all the products we use. Then I went through my actual bathroom closets and medicine cabinets to see what else was there that we use and need, but maybe not every single day. I want everything on my list, so that when stuff goes on sale and I have coupons for them, I can shop for the items we are short on.

Are you ready to see the list? The length of it is nothing short of astonishing.
  • soap
  • body wash
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • mousse
  • hair gel
  • mens deodorant
  • womens deodorant
  • mens shavers
  • shaving cream
  • womens shavers
  • body lotion
  • vaseline
  • facial cleanser
  • facial moisturizer
  • toothbrushes
  • toothpaste
  • dental floss
  • mouthwash
  • hand soap
  • sunscreen
  • lip balm
  • nail clippers
  • emery boards
  • Q-tips
  • vitamins
  • feminine wash
  • supers
  • regulars
  • foot powder
  • benadryl
  • tylenol
  • ibuprofen
  • allergy meds
It's a lot of stuff just to get ready in the morning, and I've always considered our family to be pretty low maintenance!


  1. That's one big task! It is so hard to find and maintain a good system. That's my next project, too. I've been trying to stock up on sale items and find that I have bottles of product in several places around the house that can hold them all.

  2. Wow! I want to do that too!
    I have been watching those videos on youtube you recommended, they are amazing!

  3. Sounds like a project I should do too. As soon as my house is spring cleaned, I'm going to start (I have hired my person to clean my house. I estimate 10 hours--she'll come for 5 hours over two days.)

    I hate the extreme couponing show--I think they're just mostly hoarders with shelves. If I could do it with only those things I would actually use I think it would make more sense to me. I mean, who really needs 1,000 tooth brushes?

  4. I rarely buy bathroom products with a coupon + a store deal. This stuff is SO expensive - and I dont buy the expensive stuff! Good luck with your storage.

  5. I meant to type *without a coupon + store deal.

  6. My list of toiletries is probably that long and I live alone.