Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

And all that jazz. I'm over Halloween. It used to be fun for me when my kids were little. I decorated, we had a traditional Halloween dinner (sloppy joes and tater tots), I sewed costumes for the kids, we trick-or-treated around the neighborhood.

I just don't care about it anymore. Avery did look adorable in her fairy ballerina costume, and hopefully she'll bring home a peanut butter cup for her Grammie, but I just wish people would stop ringing my doorbell. Is it possible to be a scrooge about Halloween? That's how I feel this year. Hopefully next year will be better.

(Did I ever mention that I left my camera in Sweden? Yeah, I have no picture-taking capabilities. Maybe I'll get a new one for Christmas? Mr. Dub?)


  1. I've been over it too. We keep the lights off and gleefully keep our candy to ourselves and watch TV. The doorbell didn't ring once tonight, and that makes me happy. I'm a Scrooge too. I hope you took pictures of Avery though - that's one pretty fairy princess that I DO want to see!

  2. It is definitely a holiday for little kids and, oh my, it is exhausting for the adults! No harm in taking a break from the holidays sometimes. There's a time for everything.

  3. I turn off my automatic porch light just once a year--at Halloween. I guess I've been a Scrooge ever since my kids were finished trick-or-treating.

    Oh, and yes, Avery did look darling.