Saturday, September 29, 2012

Last week's goals - report

This past week I wanted to:
  • Sow some parsley and cilantro seeds outside. Didn't happen.
  • Find and prepare two new recipes that rely on shelf-stable ingredients, or that can be altered to use them in place of fresh ingredients. Hot Ham Rolls and Bayou Chicken Pasta. One was a flop, the other a keeper. Stay tuned for additional details.
  • Make a final decision and send in Hershey's order form/check. Done!
  • Paint the closet in James's bedroom. Not even started.
  • Sand the windowsill and closet shelves in James's room. Didn't get to it. Won't likely get to it in the near future.
  • Work on yellow/gray/white quilt top. I worked on it a very little bit. But any progress is some progress, right?
  • Organize small box of photos into scrapbook-able piles. Not yet. This must be accomplished sooner rather than later.
  • Sort through scrapbook supplies. Completed!
  • Study grocery sale ads and begin a "best price" book. Started it, and then started wondering if it is even worth it. It might be worth it if I can get a grip on how to make/use an Excel spreadsheet. At this point it just seems humongous and difficult. It may be more practical  (and certainly easier!) for me to use a notebook and a pencil.
  • Buy a book to read at the used book store. Nope.
  • Study Spanish vocab with Jake. Told him to study several times but didn't work on it with him.
There were a few things that came up this week that took precedence over the goals I had written down:
  1. My Pretty Girl got a full-time job last Friday and started it four days later; one entire day of those four was spent shopping for a career-appropriate wardrobe for her. What this new job of hers means for me is that I have a two year old on my hands for about 12 hours/day three days this last week and every week in the foreseeable future. (Hopefully not more than a month or two.) Additionally this sweet little sister hasn't slept very well with all the changes going on in her life so I've spent a couple of hours every night this week caring for her instead of sleeping. Which negatively affected my energy levels during the days.
  2. I also had an opportunity to buy some chicken for a good price so spent a whole day tied to the kitchen trimming, dicing, and pressure-canning the chicken.
  3. I worked on the sacrament meeting program for our ward's primary.
I am okay with the things I didn't do. The painting and repair/improvements around the house aren't realistically going to happen until Buttercup is out from under my feet every day. I will add the other things to next week's goals.

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