Monday, January 27, 2014

Whatever shall we eat?

This week's menu requires hardly any planning and no work beyond reheating until Saturday. My good Mr. Dub is doing his job out of town this week which means I'm pretty much on my own* and luckily have leftovers in the fridge. For dinner this week I shall have:

  • the last bowlful of cheesy potato soup
  • the last bowlful of Brazilian Black Bean Stew
  • the last bit of leftover Mexican rice with the last of the leftover refried beans made into a burrito
  • the last of a bottle of chicken made into either a quesadilla or some chicken salad
  • perhaps a baked potato and some green beans
  • and on Sunday when we are all together again with our son and beautiful new daughter in law we shall have baked citrus-herb chicken with some Brussels sprouts**.
* My Little Friend is here, of course. He generally makes his own dinners because he doesn't ever like what I make. He'll have fried egg sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, fish sticks, and whatever else he can find. We have all these items for him already in the house.
**New recipe! I got some Brussels sprouts in my Bountiful Basket and since I've never eaten or prepared them before went looking for ideas. I found a recipe that calls for roasting them in the oven with some chopped up apple and a couple of slices of bacon. Sounds delish.

I am still doing pretty well on my no-spend January. I have gone out to lunch a couple of times but have stayed within my weekly budget. This week from the store all I'll need is a jar of peanut butter and a bottle of orange juice. I'll need to buy another gallon of milk later in the week. So perhaps I'll spend as little as $7 at the store this week which means that I'll close out the month having spent only $100 on groceries, snacks, and a couple of lunches out. I've spent nothing at all on hobbies or crafts. And last week we were able to pay off the remaining balance on the only car we owed money on!

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  1. Wow! $100 on groceries/eating out for a whole month! That's so awesome! And YAY for paying off loans!!!