Monday, January 20, 2014

Another week, another menu plan

Here I am again, figuring out what we're going to eat. I still have plenty of food in the house and will try again to buy as little as possible, using up what we have in the pantry and store room, as I continue our January "spending fast".

  • Cheesy potato soup with bacon bits and toast made with yeasted corn bread.
  • chicken quesadillas made with bottled chicken, sauteed onion and bell pepper, and cheddar cheese and served with salsa and sour cream
  • Brazilian black bean stew* with cornbread muffins
  • pork loin roll-ups with tomato/red pepper/onion "salsa"
  • leftovers (there will be leftover potato soup and black bean stew)
The only thing I'll need to buy this week is a Bountiful Basket, milk, and sour cream!

*new recipe!

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