Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How does your garden grow?

Look! See my adorable little tomato blossoms? That's the happy news. The sad news is that the cilantro and dill, after surviving only two weeks in my yard, are already going to seed. I hope this only means that they are cool-season crops and can't take temps in the 80's and 90's and so I'm trying to not take it personally - I think I'll yank them out and plant more parsley and basil. Yes, it's already been in the upper 80's here. I won't think about what that might mean for summertime.

My preparedness jobs for April are as follows:
  1. Organize and inventory three-month food supply.
  2. Check 72-hour kits for expired items and replace as needed.
It might as well be said here and now that for me #2 should read "Make some 72-hour kits, you!" We did this years ago, maybe even as much as 15 years ago, when our big, grown-up and adult offspring were tiny, sweet little children. We eventually dismantled them in an attempt to replace expired items, the project got set aside to take care of later, yada, yada, yada, and so now we start again from scratch.

Our ward is promoting a "72 in 72" event, started a couple of weeks ago, where we get together a 72 hour kit for each person in our own family in the 72 days left until hurricane season begins. This week I'm gathering and/or obtaining containers for the 72-hour kits and deciding where to keep them. Will it be duffel bags or 5 gallon buckets? In the garage or the hall closet? Stay tuned...


  1. I remember "dismantling" them for expired items...and eating pretty much every yummy thing that was left. Pudding cups, pop tarts, granola bars. yum yum yum yum delicioso!

  2. Amy, I did get my herbs planted last week. Calysta and I did it. We're waiting for them to germinate. Then I'll put them in the living room window--the only place where real sunshine hits the inside of the house.

    Not sure how to put together a 72-hour supply. Will think about that.

    Do you have wonderful ideas for me? In California we put together emergency supplies (remember, we had fires out there) and they went into the trunk of the car. It was possible that we might have to flee.

    By the way, we're going up into the 80s today, too. Problem is, we are having a severe drought this year. Oklahoma has already been on fire pretty much in every county. We REALLY need rain more than heat. Putting in our order for that, too...