Thursday, March 3, 2011


I've read a couple of blogs already this morning and especially noticed how often so many people proclaim what they are passionate about. I find this fascinating because although there are many things that I enjoy doing or for some finite period of time become totally engrossed in, there isn't anything that I can point to and say, "This is my passion". Not counting my Mr. Dub, of course.

Most of my life seems to be taking care of whatever has presented itself for immediate attention, and my down time is spread thinly between crafting of one type or another, reading, home improvement and cooking TV shows, and surfing Facebook.

(Re: Facebook - I'm quickly becoming disillusioned. I am tired of Facebook. It has ceased to be fun for me. The only reason I still go there at all is because that's where my friends and family are.)

I hope that there is something yet to come in my life that captures my interest to the point that I become passionate about it. Because I don't want to admit to anyone, and least of all to myself, that I'm superficial, flighty, or bored. I envy those who have found something that really calls to them.

The good thing about me is that I'm willing to try new things. I hope this means that I will eventually find something to be passionate about.


  1. ...or maybe several passions. I don't think there is a particular number or any rule about how many a person can have. It also relates to other peripheral responsibilities. Sometimes there's only enough mental/ intellectual energy for the MUST do's and not much left over for the WANT to do's.

    I have recently found myself bored with Facebook, too. I still go there for the exact reason you do. In fact, I have hidden all the motorcycle group people and events. Sheesh.

  2. You know, I'm not passionate about anything either. I thought it was a trait unique to me, since everyone else I know is nuts about something!