Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ain't no sunshine

when she's gone...

This is one lovable and sunshiny little buttercup. I can't wait till we get to see her again in a couple of weeks.

(Cheli, having lots more practice with a camera than I, captured lots of smiles last Saturday. I didn't. Not a single one. It looks like I was always just a fraction of a second too late. No matter. It's still a scrumptious face.)


  1. It's a perfect face. I love that face--in fact, I have loved pretty much that same face for many years!

  2. She's the most adorable baby! I really want to hold her again soon... when is spring break? Is she coming to visit Gram soon?

  3. I am seeing her in the last part of Spring Break! YEAH!! I am hoping to take Calysta with me, she has not yet met her!

  4. maybe you could come up too? It would be fun to have some many of the "girls" together. We could do very fun GIRL things! :o) What do ya think?