Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Have you ever noticed... one little seemingly innocent question can bring to the surface a lot of really negative feelings?

A tiny little question like "Where's my box of stuff from KBR?" can make a person so mad about so many different things that at first it boggles the mind.

And then it leads to insomnia.


(Being married to someone, even someone as normally wonderful as Mr. Dub, can be hard. A person can get SO mad about stuff she already forgave him for. And also stuff he probably didn't even realize he did.)


  1. Yeah... yesterday, when hubby saw dinner, he said, "Oh, leftover casserole?" in a disappointed disapproving sort of tone of voice.
    Later, going for seconds: "This is really good!"
    Me: "Even though it's leftovers?
    Him: "I just like to complain."

    Why do we bother getting mad? They're all idiots... even the normally wonderful ones have their male idiot genes.
    females are brilliant and perfect and just need people to learn when to shut up and give them chocolate and Diet Coke. How hard can it be?

  2. Gabby, when Mr. Normally Wonderful saw this this morning he called to say, "You're mad? At me?" LOL then he read your comment and asked if he's supposed to give me chocolate and diet coke. I told him it couldn't hurt...

  3. KBR is Kellogg, Brown & Root. The place where he stopped working over a year ago.