Friday, March 19, 2010

Well, nuts

I was writing a post (it was going to be a series, actually) about all the people I don't like. All of them were going to be celebrities. Because I just wouldn't dare write about people in my real, everyday life that I don't like. Because stuff like that gets around and I'm too chicken to go all mano a mano against some of them.

I had a post all finished and everything. It was about a rich and famous but not very attractive or talented girl. I deleted it all. Because after I was done reading it I realized how superficial and snarky it was and I just don't want to go there in this space.

I've been feeling very lazy lately. I haven't been working on projects or ideas. I haven't taken any pictures of stuff that's happening around here. I've been laying around reading novels and contemplating the universe but not coming up with much. I thought about buying a new sofa, which we desperately need, but have I gone to a furniture store to look around? Nope. I've barely been keeping up with the most basic chores around the house although my family of Dubs might argue that point. Can you say "sandwiches for dinner, again"?

It's springtime in Texas. The trees are all bloomy and beautiful. I saw bluebonnets on a quick trip to Austin this week. My oaks and pines are pollinating. I've been taking two benadryl every four hours pretty much around the clock.

Which may explain why I can hardly get my carcass off my shabby, worn, and torn up couch.


  1. Can I go couch shopping with you? I need a new one too.

  2. I think it's called spring fever. Lay low; drink a lot of water; read some more books; prepare more sandwiches; do a little laundry. You'll be back to yourself in due time. In the meantime, you'll feel better for the rest. I love you, MY Pretty Girl.