Friday, December 24, 2010

WFD? 12/24

Walraven family tradition = chili on Christmas Eve.

Most years it's homemade but this year it is canned Wolf brand Homestyle chili with beans, plus shredded cheddar and saltine crackers.

(It was spicy and good. And super easy on a busy day. Canned chili on Christmas Eve sounds like a valid tradition, doesn't it? What do you think?)


  1. I think that's a great tradition! Even easier and cheaper than ordering a pizza. Gives you fuel for the old "pull my finger" routine on Christmas Day too. ;o)

  2. Sounds great! We had Bobby's family over last night. It was cold cuts, potato salad, various desserts (including peach pie and applesauce cakes I made as well as sugar cookie sandwiches Calysta and I had made earlier in the week), and little smokies. The Arms family tradition is that they all meet on Christmas Eve and open their presents to each other.

    Today Mark and Calysta will be here, as well as Many of Calysta's "other" family--"Dimpaw", her maternal grandfather with his mother, and Tim, Maggie's brother, Matt (Calysta's step father) and her little brother Alex. Today I'm cooking pot roast and many (read that MANY) trimmings.

    Oh, and of course aebelskivers for all who want to eat them--I think we'll have --again--many for them, too.