Sunday, December 19, 2010

WFD? 12/19

It's been a strange few days. I've been sick for about a week, but haven't had the chance to slow down and rest long enough to get over it. We had Relief Society on Thursday night, went out to a Chinese buffet for dinner on Friday night to celebrate James' birthday, and ended up with drive-through burgers on Saturday night.

Tonight I made crepes and filled them with the raspberry jam Karie and I made a month or so ago. They were delish, and by the end I was able to flip them with the pan instead of a spatula which was quite fun. Jake complained that he didn't like the "cranberry" and so if I ever make them again, he'll have them plain or with some maple syrup.

Although they were good, it took an inordinately long time to make them. They won't be on a regular rotation for that reason.

PS: that is not my pic, but that is exactly what my crepes looked like tonight.


  1. Did you strain your jam? I hadn't thought of it until Christy and I made raspberry jam in St Louis over Thanksgiving. We looked at the jam and said nope--let's strain it. So we did. It took quite a while, and we lost some of the volume, but the result was EXCELLENT! So far I have eaten all my peach and now all my raspberry jam that I brought home with me. I have my cherry left, and it didn't set up, so it's cherry syrup--yum! I think I'm gonna use it with the aebelskivers.

  2. Mom, we strained the seeds out of the raspberries after we crushed them but before we added the sugar and pectin so we would have our measurements correct. It is awesome jam.

  3. Great! Thanks for the information. I'll do that next time. Actually since we had combined all the ingredients before we strained, I guess the sugar as well as the berry pulp and seeds were also strained as the jam turned out wonderfully.