Thursday, April 22, 2010


I was reminiscing to my bff D today about how when my kids were little they didn't like onions. My bff D doesn't do onions. Not when she was a little kid, and definitely not now. Today when she unwrapped her hamburger there was an onion particle stuck to the bun. That does not please my bff D. She can always tell when the burger that she ordered without onions had onions on it before the cook remembered and scraped them off.

So I was telling her about how when my little onion-hating nose-pickers were small and happened to come across onion particles in their dinners, I told them that all it was was "flavor bits".
I think it was a particularly brilliant parenting technique. Because anything can be "flavor bits", from chocolate chips to minced onions to snipped chives to chopped pecans. All you need is some kid saying, "What's that in my food?" and boom! You say, "Oh, you're so lucky! You got the flavor bits in your piece!". They can't argue with that.

Flavor bits taste good. They are still one of my favorite foods!


  1. heeheehee! This made my day!
    flavor bits!
    (I have to agree it IS a brilliant parenting technique!)

  2. Flavor bits! I love that. Care if I steal your idea? Danny is ALWAYS asking, "what's that stuff in there..."

  3. I was hip to your jive.

    I still hate "flavor bits."