Friday, April 30, 2010

Have you heard

that saying "What other people think about me is none of my business"?

Do you think it's true?
Do you think it's said mainly by the unliked, unsuccessful, and unattractive people of the world in order to soothe over their troubled hearts and minds?
Do you think it's true if other people say what they think about you right to your face?

Someone who undoubtedly didn't even know she was hunting took a shot at me yesterday. She got me, too - right in the middle of my insecurities.

For Crying Out Loud, and Mercy Me. That's all I can say about it. And now I'll have to find a way to move on from it and not let it color every thing I do, say, think, and feel.


  1. YOU, my dear, are so awesome... you can put this little thing behind you... I am sure she didn't know what was falling out of her mouth or else she would have been devastated. I can relate - there are times when all kinds of crap just falls out of my mouth and I just hope that all the ears around know me well enough to sift the good from the bad and take the good, and toss the bad. This woman doesn't know you well enough, and you don't know her well enough, so toss the bad... and turn her phrases around in your head to what she probably REALLY meant... you are unique and you are awesome and you are friendly and trustworthy and kind and awesome and approachable and you are a soothing balm to a heart & mind in pain. You're practical, you're smart enough to see the problem and figure out a solution... or share a box of kleenexes with if there's not a solution.
    See how awesome you are? I wouldn't have you any different. True.

  2. When you're a jokester and teaser like me, you often run the risk of hurting someone's feelings. The jokes and teasing come out of my mouth before my ever-increasingly defective filter kicks in. I always just hope and pray that those I do tease will know and understand that I don't tease unless I love that person or feel great affinity for them.

    Don Rickles (the famous "insult comic") once talked about the fact that he always goes through the audience before a performance to let them know that he'll be making fun of them, sometimes very viciously, but that he hopes they understand that it's all an act. He said he actually loves people and never wants to really hurt their feelings.

    I feel like I'm the same kind of person. I always grieve when I find out that I said something that hurt someone.

    Maybe you should just give her (him) the benefit of the doubt and apply a big old dose of forgiveness...and move on.

    You'll certainly feel better.

  3. I think you're wonderful, and I should know!

  4. Those stinging types of people are called jellyfish.
    I've heard before that it's none of your business what other people think of you and while I think it is your business if what they think of you directly affects your livelihood (what your boss thinks of you, for instance) or if it directly affects your well-being & your family, (what your husband thinks of you, for instance), in most cases what other people think of you is irrelevant.