Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I took this pic in a hidden corner of my flower garden. This clump of what I've been calling "oxalis" grew there on its own. The clump has grown bigger each year for the past couple of years, and this year there are two good-sized clumps... I didn't plant seeds or seedlings for this, and have no clue where it came from. (I do take credit for being smart enough that when I see something interesting happening I leave it alone and let the surprise unfold. I don't yank up the magic by its roots just because it's not part of my Grand Splendid Plan. You know? There's a life lesson there, folks.)

I love it. I love the tiny pink flowers and the shamrock-style leaves. I love that it's hidden away in a corner. I love love love that it has spontaneously grown there without any help or direction or hassle from me.

From the little bit of internet research I've done, it might be oxalis crassipes. Which is a perennial (yes!), and is also called pink wood sorrel.

I like that.

It seems like every few years there is some new surprise in my yard for me. My volunteer pink and white vinca that comes back every year in the front flower bed, my serendipitous pink lilies that bloom all over the backyard lawn, and now this sweet pink wood sorrel hidden away by the back fence.

Hope your springtime is full of lovely pink surprises, and may you find blessings everywhere you look!


  1. These are all what Bobby calls volunteers.

  2. Calysta found two 4-leaf-clovers in the yard of our new house.

  3. I have blue oxalis in my yard. I planted it YEARS ago, and each year it comes back more and more beautiful! Lovely dark purple shamrocks with lavender blooms.