Monday, April 26, 2010

My life, in a single photo

My cousin J did a fun post on her blog about the things she keeps in her purse. I thought it was a neat idea, so here's mine.

Looking at the junk I carry around with me really says a lot about what goes on in my life:
  • cell phone: I hate it and I love it. Hate, because I can't ever hear it ringing when it's in my purse, so if you call me I probably won't answer. I absolutely cannot drive when I'm talking on my cell phone (here's a little something I've observed while driving around town: YOU can't talk on the phone and drive at the same time either.) Love, because my Little Friend leaves me long voice mail messages about where am I? and when will I be home? and am I bringing anything for him to eat? and James is torturing him! and he loves me.
  • band-aids. I rarely need one but other people need them quite often. I feel so prepared and useful when I'm able to give somebody a band-aid when they need one.
  • chapstick. My boys always need it.
  • antique excedrin pill box filled with tylenol and ibuprofen. Not excedrin. I've had this pill box since my early twenties.
  • cloisonne pill box filled with benadryl tablets. My sister C gave me this pill box as a gift and I always keep benadryl with me. Lots of allergies in the family.
  • my keys. Car keys, and other people's house keys. I don't have my own house key on my key chain. That could prove to be problematic some day. Hmmm...
  • church keys. I have a key to the outside door, the inside doors, and some cabinets. I don't have a key to the church attic. Which I want, but am not permitted to have. What do they keep up there anyway? Hmmm...
  • Groovy notepad that I found for $1 at Michael's. It's got a giant, red letter A on it. Which I get a kick out of for some perverse reason.
  • random piece of paper. This time it happens to be a old, yellowed, and expired Garden Center coupon. Usually it is a Walmart or Taco Bell receipt.
  • hot and spicy breath mints that look like aspirin tablets in a Chevron tin. Mr. Dub got them at some chemical/engineering conference/convention/show type thing.
  • emery board. In case I have an attack of nerves and chew off all my fingernails down to the quick. Ouch.
  • pens. I got the blue enamelled one from my grand-dad after Gram died. (Note to everybody: when I die, please just throw my junk away. Don't give it to somebody else - they don't need it, and then you won't have to ask if they still use it and can you see it again?)
  • Epi-pen. In case my Little Friend needs help in an allergic emergency.
  • hand cream. I have dry, sensitive, itchy skin. Ouch.
  • inhaler. For breathing. You know.
  • blue thingy. For "personal" supplies.
  • small mirror. For entertaining fussy babies.
  • naphcon eye drops. For itchy, allergy eyes.
  • hand sanitizer gel. Because I live in a world that is just full of disgusting other people and their filthy germs.
  • my Coach wallet. I'm quite vain about this, which I realize is totally dumb, but there you go. It's different, because it's blue, and I get tons of compliments on it. My Mr. Dub got it for me for my birthday. Also my Coach purse. Which I like because it isn't obviously Coach. It's like my own little secret. It's also small, which is good because otherwise this list would go on indefinitely.

There you have it. Did it remind you of this?


  1. wow- you are so organized. Maybe I should add a few more things to my arsenal huh?

  2. wow, mine's worse! this morning I took out two small handsful of loose change... made my purse way lighter. I also threw away about 6 Walmart/tacobell receipts.
    No camera? I have a camera in mine.

  3. I have that notepad (but with an 'M' - obviously) too. Someone gave it to me as a little gift. I love it, totally know what you mean!