Sunday, April 11, 2010

Emilio and Seth Aaron and Mila, oh my!

I dvr'ed the last challenge episode of Project Runway and finally watched it last night.

Can I say "WOW!"?

It was awesome. Emilio's was far and away the best gown of the bunch (which was a relief after the cord and washer bikini catastrophe of earlier).

I don't really care for too much that Mila puts out there, but she is second (and maybe tied) only to Emilio in her sewing skills, so it will be interesting to see how she does in the face-off with Jay, who in my humble opinion is not very consistent with his designs.

Seth Aaron's clothes are just fun and cool. And unexpected.

I can't wait to see what happens! I'm rooting for Seth Aaron, because even though I like Emilio's clothes better, I think he's become kind of arrogant and snotty.

And I got enough of that last season with Irina.


  1. I guess I have never even heard of whatever it is you're writing about. ???

  2. haha remember how I got you into Project Runway?! You were like "I don't have time to watch such silly things" and then I made you watch it. And now you're hooked. In fact, you watch it way more than I do. I heart project runway. I hope Seth Aaron wins, too. He's cool.

  3. Mom, it's a reality show on Lifetime tv. It started out on Bravo but switched to Lifetime this season. It's a contest that begins with 16 fashion designers and each week one gets eliminated until the final 3 which design a collection and show it at Bryant Park.
    It's kind of funny that I like it since I am not at all interested in designer clothing, but I do like sewing, and the challenges are fun. And Karie got me hooked. Although it isn't as much fun to watch it by myself as it was to watch it with her. : (
    Now I have the dvr set to record new episodes which I watch when I've noticed that they've piled up in my recorded tv section.