Friday, May 7, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

aka Trash TV.

Do you watch this show? I do. Not religiously or anything, and I've never recorded it to watch later. But if it's on and I'm up in the middle of the night anyway, it's my go-to show when the only other thing to watch is Paid Programming. It's a little like rubbernecking the car accident on the side of the road. The hissy fits, the ongoing drama with her mother, the Guncles. Oh my goodness - good stuff.

My bff D watches it too. (Sorry for outing you on my blog, D.) We don't talk about it very often because, well, what if someone overheard that conversation?

I read that Tori and Dean are renewing their wedding vows. Which makes me think there might be some truth to all the gossip about there being trouble in that Hollywood paradise.

Tori and Dean kind of deserve each other, but the rumors make me sorry for little Liam and Stella.

Please don't ever ask me in public what's happening on the show. Because I'll have to lie and say that I've never seen it, Babe.


  1. I don't know what you're talking about... I don't watch that show! (casting eyes furtively about) I think they're headed for divorce court within 3 years... that's my prediction. oh... wait... I mean... that's what I might think IF I watched that kind of trashy stuff.
    I wonder if it were better for their marriage for her to be mad at her mom? Now that the mom thing seems to be good, the marriage is having problems? Or is the whole marriage-problems simply a script? It's all way too scripted. The thing is, I don't really like Tori, I don't really like Dean, I don't even really like Liam. Stella, now, Stella has some potential. I liked Patsy, but hated the whole 'mom substitute' thing, just seemed like a contrived jab at the real mom.
    Argh! Stop it! I don't watch this show! really.
    really really.
    that voodoo thing was weird

  2. That voodoo thing was SO weird! But I honestly don't know what you're talking about...

  3. Well, I have never watched it, and don't know where it's on--what channel and at what time. I see all the trash I can tolerate just watching the news--oil slicks/leaks, politicians, terrorists--they're all there 24-hours a day. Maybe I should get out more...

  4. IF I watched trashy TV... I lean more toward the Real Housewives of New York and Jersey. IF I watched that kind of stuff. ;)