Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh Captain! My Captain!

Our fearful trip is done!

Buttercup had a very long day yesterday - she had two long car trips and had pretty much had it by the time she got to Grammie's and Captain's house.

She crashed into Mr. Dub's arms and fell promptly asleep. For about 10 minutes. I love how she squints a little and furrows her brow when she's really asleep - like she's concentrating so hard at it.

She's so fun. And so funny. She was growling like a bear at me today, and when she realized I thought it was funny she kept doing it over and over again. Then she'd look at me very expectantly, waiting for me to laugh.

What a lovey!


  1. this baby is too precious! She is so happy and vocal! She laughed and chuckled at Calysta. We had tons of fun with her!

  2. I'm glad KB brought her to you. This last week isn't one she can afford to miss at school. We had so much fun just looking at her. What a darling and precious little person!!

  3. ...and don't you just LOVE the hair!!!