Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh Bother!

Do you ever just want to check out of your life for a few hours? Or a whole day?

Things have been oh so super crazy around here that I've just wanted to scream. And cry. And maybe throw a big ol' hissy fit or two. And then cry a little more.

Combine the following:
  • end-of-school-year insanity (TAKS tests for both kids. AP tests/studying/etc for the big one. Benchmark testing for the little one. Concerts. Fund-raisers. Getting those grades up before report cards go in. Piano recitals.)
  • a new Church calling that is not only overwhelming (and hard, and sometimes sad) but also a little bit frustrating (the lady crying in sacrament meeting like a big bawling booby? Yes, that was me. Why do you ask?)
  • a nasty summer cold (complete with cough, fluid-filled ears, secondary throat infection, and sinus infection. So of course, no sleep and try not to swallow. Ever. For any reason.).

I'm sick. I'm tired. I'm in a lot of pain. I went to the doctor and she said, "Take these antibiotics and decongestants. Drink lots of fluid. REST." and I swore that is what I was going to do today. And then of course it hasn't turned out that way at all.

Oh Bother, Fiddlesticks, and Tartar Sauce!

And now I'm done with my public whine. It's so boring, I know. Tomorrow we'll be back to our regularly scheduled line-up of hilarity and wit!


  1. I hope that little bit of venting did a big bit of good! It'll be better in a while. Take benedryl tonight before bed... double the dose if you have to, and of course loads of zinc and liquids. And know that you are loved, appreciated, and have friends to run to... and this lovely blog where you can whine any ole' time you wish.
    I wish happy things for you, my dear.

  2. me too, me too! I hope happy things for you too! And you are not a BOOBY. Gotta love spongebob.

  3. Cheer up, things could get worse.