Thursday, June 24, 2010

9 (or 10)

I've been babysitting this week. Four or five kids. (Actually it was only five kids for a few hours but that was long enough. If these five kids were mine, I'd have 10 all together. )

I'm not cut out for lots and lots of kids. I am now positive that the four I had were plenty for me. It doesn't matter how cute they are, or how smart or funny they are, I just don't have the temperament for it.

I've also been remembering this week how freaking HARD it is to have little kids. (The ages I've been babysitting this week are newborn through age 7.)

Any fantasies or speculation I may have had in the past regarding "what if?" and more children than just the four are gone.

So, so gone. Along with the nice clean smell normally present in my home, a good portion of my sanity, and probably a year or two of my life.

Gone. And now I'm going to light a candle and take a nap.


  1. I keep thinking perhaps I would like another baby. But I am not sure. I have so much to do before I am ready to be a mom to a newborn. I would like to go to school, learn how to sew again, learn how to keep my house clean and pretty. lots of stuff. There may not be enough time.

  2. Wait for the grandbabies! Trust me, there are no greater children in the universe than one's grandbabies! I love them all--and their darling babies, too!!!

  3. She already has a grandbaby, no waiting necessary.
    Also, Amy, I'm not sure you've considered it but most people think 4 kids is a lot. No one in our family, of course, but plenty of people.