Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finding my groove

I think I'm beginning to catch on to my Relief Society job. What has been required is a big dose of:
  1. self-discipline. I've discovered that I'm lazier than I thought I was. I guess that is what comes of doing your own thing in your own time in your own way for 20+years.
  2. lightening up. I'm sure that comes as a huge surprise for all of you. Or not.
  3. a few realizations.*

Today I think I turned a corner with all of it. That's not to say that I won't have to turn that same corner again (probably again and again) in the future but for now I'm at peace with all of it.

*I've realized the following in the last few days:

  • I can't do it on my own. Not that anyone has asked me to or expected me to, but I've had to realize it. It is a lot of work, and nobody tries to say that it isn't. But I have lots of good help and I am capable.
  • This can be a transformative period in my life. My Relief Society responsibilities can go a very long way in helping me become the woman God has intended me to be all along. If I do it with the right attitude.
  • People mostly just want to be loved and noticed and heard. Loving and noticing and listening is vitally important.
  • Taking care of myself and my family has to come first.
  • I will regret it later if I don't give it 100%.
  • One hundred percent effort is enough.

Some of these things I've known about myself or other people all along but haven't wanted, or maybe bothered, to pay attention to, or accept, or deal with.

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  1. Amy - You've come to some very wise decisions.