Wednesday, July 7, 2010


= the number of afghans, crocheted in this pattern that my Gram taught me, that I have completed now that this one is done.

This one is for my Little Prince. It's big. It's larger than the top of his double bed. It's in Black, Royal, and Delft Blue. I love the colors. I believe that this one is my favorite, but then I'm pretty sure I said that about every one of them as I've completed them.

Since yesterday when I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel on this afghan I've been trying to remember how many I've made and who they were for. (Isn't that atrocious grammar? It is, isn't it? It probably should be "for whom they were" or something awkward like that. Maybe just "for whom"? If I ever turn professional writer I'll need an editor who has a firm grasp on the English language.)

Anyway, here's the rundown of family and friends who have received one of these Grammy-style afghans from me: my mom, my sister-in-law Don Evelyn, my aunt Michele, Mr. Dub (although he denies that it was for him - he says it's mine. I guess he doesn't like the color.), Karie, Taylor, James, Jared, Mark, and Eric's Amy. I've also made a few of them that were baby-sized and gave them to Melissa's Abby, Lisa's Rebecca, and James.

That's all I can remember. I've made other afghans for other people but not in this same style.

Can I tell a story about Gram and this afghan? It's my blog - I guess I can. One of Gram's friends or neighbors or somebody showed her how to make these. Gram was more of a knitter than a crocheter and so somehow when she was trying to make this on her own she got the pattern twisted around in her head and when she was all done with it there was a twist in the afghan. It wasn't true to the square (or the rectangle). You couldn't fold it up neatly because of the wonky way it zagged off to one side. When Gram showed me how to do it she showed me the way she always did it, but when I got home and was trying to remember I got her instructions twisted around in my head and it came out straight and square. Probably because I am more of a crocheter than a knitter. I love this story because I come out looking really good and smart in it. That hardly ever happens.

(On a somewhat related note, it is unbelievable to me how often I use my blog to look up and remember the details of stuff that has happened in my life in the last year or so. That it is true is one reason I'm documenting all this afghan information now.)


  1. hmmmm once again... I am missing from the list of afghans/quilts made by members of my family. How do I get on the list of RECEIVING one of these dern things?

  2. Basically you suck up. And you have to be eternally grateful. Not that anyone else is, but it would be nice. : )
    I did give an afghan to your child, so that counts. But I'm not stingy. I am, however, slow. James received this afghan for his 16th birthday when he was 17 1/2.

  3. Whaddayamean?? --not eternally grateful!!

    I LOVE mine and brag to everyone who comes to spend the night here, that the beautiful green one (two shades of green and white) was made by my daughter. sheesh

  4. Jason loves his, even though it ended up as a "lap blanket" because I started having bad problems with my wrists. Maybe one day I'll be able to make another one. Thanks for sharing the pattern with me. :)

  5. you made one for my child and Mom made a quilt for my child. Jeez...I get nothin. LOL

  6. I was telling a friend about this last night and she said, "You made one when Lily was born, too".
    So add one more for Nancy's Lily.
    That makes 14. I wonder how many others there are. LOL
    And for the record, when Ty came home and asked which one was his and I explained that it's the green and white one that stays out on our couch all winter every winter, he said that it's NOT his, it's everybody's. I guess he wants his own personal one that nobody else can use. I'm going to need a bigger house...and new joints too. My right wrist and elbow are killing me...