Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's not all about yarn

I have other kinds of crafts too!

I bought this small wooden frame at Michael's about a year or so ago. It was plain, unfinished wood and the sight of it stirred up all sorts of fabulous and crafty dreams in me. Not that that's unusual or anything. Lots of stuff inspires creative dreams in me.

I've been thinking all week about what my crafting room will look like when I finally get the opportunity to put it together. I think I'll call it "My Studio". That sounds a lot more fancy and serious and official than "my craft room" or "my closet" (which is where all my crafting supplies and projects live now). My Studio is going to have an inspiration board where I can tack up ideas and pictures about stuff I'd like to make. I'm giving those creative dreams a place to go in my studio.

My Studio. Ah, yes.

Anyway, back to the frame. I decoupaged it with some scrapbook paper and Mod Podge yesterday.

It feels good to have one more pending project moved over to the Totally Done and Ready for Gifting list!


  1. Really cool! I dream about a craft studio some day also!

  2. I love that frame! Very cool! We should do that on a Tuesday sometime.

  3. Umm, it can certainly be gifted to me. Just sayin...

    Also, I bought four wooden framed about a year ago and when I saw them, creative dreams also stirred up in me.

    Love The Studio.

  4. Some apples stay close to the tree for sure...

  5. I second the Tuesday frame idea!! I have some blank frames I want to decorate for my YW. PS I want a studio too. Mine is currently... the craft room slash Jim's home office slash extra guest bedroom slash feel free to put stuff that doesn't go anywhere else here room...