Monday, July 19, 2010

Money money money

Today we drove home. It's a long drive from Nana's house to our house, but we made it in 10 hours with virtually no traffic jams and no screaming hissy fits. Buttercup was really good, too.

As we approached the Red River I announced to everybody in the car that we would be back in our homeland (they are all Texans) very soon. But not quite yet because I couldn't see any casinos. (Does every Indian Nation own a casino on the Texas/Oklahoma border?)

My Little Friend asked, "What's a casino?" and I told him that a casino is a place where you gamble away all your money. He said, "A casino sounds like a stupid idea".

My Little Friend is a smart cookie. He knows a thing or two.


  1. One time, while visiting my much younger boys in Las Vegas, as we passed some slot machines on our way to the Buffet, they were saying that all you had to do was put a quarter in the machine and it poured out all kinds of money.

    To show them how foolish they were, I put in 3 quarters and watched in horror as I hit a jackpot and won piles of quarters.

    Don't do a test unless you're positive of the outcome!

  2. my first slot pulled in Vegas - with Billy at a grocery store - netted me $75. super cool.