Monday, July 12, 2010

I have skills!

Well, I'm making progress to having skills.

I've been practicing my knitting on these dishcloths. I know, I know - you can buy dishcloths anywhere. But you can't buy dishclothes made by me anywhere. You can only get them one place and that's wherever I am.

An old friend once said to me, on the occasion of presenting me with some handmade, quilted hot pads, that every time I used them, I'd remember her. And I have.

I believe that to be remembered is significant. And that's why I make things like hot pads and dishclothes and afghans and give them to my family and friends.


  1. Jared and I still use the set of hot pads you made us. I still think of you whenever we use them too. I wish I had the skill you have.

  2. I think you're right--or your old friend was, and that's why I am making things for people in my family--people I want to remember me and think of me.

    Another thing I have discovered is that when I am making something for someone, I think about that person while I'm making that item--and it brings them to me in that way.

    BTW, I love my new dishrags.