Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting down and getting dirty

This week I'm at my mom's house with lots of visiting and cooking and talking and staying up too late and and and...

We've been to a class - our very own up close and personal class - on How To Use A Serger. It was oh so helpful. (I learned so much and I'm much more confident about using it and threading it. If you've ever used a serger, maybe you know what I mean.) I'm so excited about everything I learned and I got so many wonderful ideas about the possibilities for clothes and projects and threads and fabrics and and and...

We've been to her monthly quilting class where I got busy with my Fun and Done quilt. I'm getting pretty close to finished with the thing. I met some of her quilt class friends and we got in on some kind of crazy fun quilt-block chain-letter plot/scheme thing. We talked and sewed and quilted and worked and listened and looked and decided and and and...

It is now very late at night and I'm thinking about my blog. When I logged in tonight I clicked over to catch up on SouleMama's blog and I'm so glad I did. She wrote the other day about a project she's working on - a hand-knitted sweater for her husband. And she very casually mentioned all the grass and leaves and pet hair that is stuck to her project.

And it struck me: there is so much to being a mama. So much to being a Grammie, as well. Things happen so fast and if you get two spare minutes to knit you better take them. If the grass and leaves and pet hair get knitted into your project, well, that is real life. It's not about doing it perfectly, it's about doing it.

So the next time I have two minutes to spare, and I pick up my Fun and Done quilt blocks, I'm not going to spend those two minutes plucking off loose threads or agonizing over the alignment of the borders or worrying about the less-than-perfect ironing. I'm going to have fun, do the work, and get every bit of enjoyment that I can out of those two minutes.


  1. Hee hee - love it!
    Thanks for saving me today - it was a bad morning, but you fixed it! :o) Thanks for giving ME one of those two-minute spots!

  2. Hearing from gabby today was pretty hilarious! I loved it. Here was Amy, in Norman, OK at a quilting group and telling gabby where to find a particular store in Katy! I love instant communication and constant connections and ubiquitous internet; I don't care what anybody says about them.

  3. Amy - take heart - my ironing is ALWAYS imperfect - I even own an iron?, and I yank away on loose threads sometimes ruining the item. I know...I live on the wild side. It's what keeps my life exciting and unexpected. HAHAHA :o)

  4. Agh! You were at a quilting group when I called? I'm so sorry! I'm glad you didn't tell me... else I'd never have called you the 2nd time, and I'd still be driving up and down Westheimer looking for that shoe store!