Thursday, August 12, 2010


My Little Prince and I tackled the beginning of one of our big summertime projects today. We rescued all of our long-term food storage out of bedroom closets and out from under beds, and gathered it all into one place.

The one place is not perfect; all this food is now in our "guest bedroom". The ideal thing (in my mind, anyway) would be to have a separate room in the house that never was used for anything but food storage. We don't have that luxury in our house - but the spare bedroom is the next best thing.

It's better than it was, though, because now all the boxes and cans are in one place. I can see exactly what we have. I've tried keeping a running inventory but sending a kid running upstairs to get more rice when I'm out of rice in the kitchen doesn't make for convenient inventory control - I never remembered to change the pencilled-in number of cans while I was making dinner. And with everything spread out all over the whole upstairs it was too hard to keep track of. Now I can see at a glance what we have plenty of and what needs to be ordered. For sure it will be much easier this way to make sure that everything is rotated when I bring new stuff in.

My guests will have to sleep with giant #10 cans of rice and beans and oats and dry milk. I can live with that.