Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer's last blast

We went to Sea World in San Antonio yesterday.

I think the boys had a good time, but I might be getting too mature for such doings; my fanny is tired from sitting in the car for 7 hours, and my feet hurt from walking around in flip-flops for 8 hours.

The shows were pretty great. We saw the new one, Azul, that has dolphins, beluga whales, and different varieties of tropical birds as part of it. We saw the Believe show with Shamu. We couldn't tell which one was Shamu, but it was fun to see the new baby orca there with her mother. The narrator of the show said the baby whale was born this past January. I noticed that none of the trainers actually got in the water with the orcas and I wonder if that's a new policy for Sea World since one of them was drowned by a whale earlier this year. We sat in the "splash zone" for every show but didn't get so much as a drop of water until we went to the Pirates 4D movie where we were spritzed on a few times. It was good fun.

But I don't know how people lived in Texas before they invented air conditioning. At one point in the Shamu Arena they turned on some big fountains in the tank and it was so nice. They keep the water in that tank at 52 degrees. It created a lovely cool breeze.
Two more days of summer vacation...


  1. Shamu is the whale with the flopped fin.

  2. we are planning a Sea World trip for Thanksgiving!