Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The speed of sound

If my neighbors cannot hear their little dog endlessly barking every single night of my life, will they be able to hear its cries as I strangle it to death? Or would a single gunshot be quicker and quieter? Which do you suppose is more gratifying?

These are the questions that I'll ponder tonight as I'm listening to barking and wishing I could go to sleep.


  1. Isn't there an ordinance against noise at night?

  2. a couple of OTC sleeping pills in some hamburger works. They either have a long sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Or they dont. I HATE barking dogs. When our neighbors dogs were little, we spent many a night trekking over there pounding on their front door waking them up so they could enjoy it with us! Our dogs are not barkers...except when the door bell rings and when we get home, but never just for the hell of it.

  3. The speed of sound is rather slower than the speed of a rifle bullet.