Thursday, August 26, 2010

Learning to do it right

In all the directions for knitting anything, one of the first things it says is "BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR GAUGE". Just like that - in all caps.

Which always really worried me because I had no idea what "gauge" was or how to check it.

Until now.

Mr. Dub gave to me at Christmas a book of baby sweater knitting patterns that I had especially wanted. Little did I know how helpful and instructive it would turn out to be. In the back there are all sorts of handy tips and tricks including (are you ready?) what in the world "gauge" is and exactly how to check it.

It's not really that hard. And while I think that later on, after I've become really good at knitting, I won't need to check my gauge on every single thing I make, I think it might be fun to make a record of all the knitted things I've worked on including the swatch I've made in order to "CHECK MY GAUGE", who I gave it to, what pattern and type of yarn I used, etc.

This handy-dandy book of patterns also includes a chart explaining all the different weights of yarn, what size needles you will probably use for any particular weight, and a guideline for the gauge you can expect with that yarn and those needles.

Three cheers for Mr. Dub! He didn't know what he was doing when he bought the book, but he followed my instructions when I told him which one to get.

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  1. I asked Grammy that very question once a long time ago when I first learned to knit. Mothers are very helpful, too, when they know you have a question...

    I can't wait to see what you make.