Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Is it Hugh?

Ever since Jon Bon Jovi got kicked off the secret boyfriend list I've sort of been looking for a replacement. (It should go without saying, of course, the wonderful Mr. Dub always occupies the #1 space in my heart.)

It's too early to tell, since the only thing I can recall seeing Hugh Laurie in is House, but he's a definite possibility. My mission over the next few weeks is to search for and review his work via Netflix. It takes more than just a pretty face (but oh my, what a pretty face!) to make it on to the secret boyfriend list.

A final decision will be made and posted.


  1. Can we share? He's pretty cute!

  2. Never mind, I'll take Hugh Grant, you can have Hugh Laurie. No conflict. I'm okay with that.

  3. So, in thinking over who would be my secret boyfriend, I realized they are all very old. crap

  4. Aside from House, he's pretty much a huge goober. I used to mistake him for Damien Lewis, though I'm not sure why.