Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You know that show Hoarders...

I can't remember if it was the TLC version or some other version (and YES I'm fascinated with these shows) but one of the psychologists asked the hoarder why the word "hoarder" upset her so much. The woman said that she thought of herself more as a "collector" than a hoarder.

The psychologist said something to the woman that has stuck with me. She said, "Collectors say to people, 'Come on in and let me show you my cool collection!', while a hoarder will go to great lengths to keep other people out of their homes and unaware of the mess. So, are you a collector or a hoarder?"

It had already been made clear that the woman had a long-time boyfriend/fiance that had never been in her home, and that other friends and family members hadn't been in there for years either.

I think that it's a good tool to use and something I hope to remember - can I say, "Come on in!" when I'm in the midst of defending my eccentricities?

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