Thursday, January 13, 2011


... I learned a cool new word - "lagniappe". It's a Cajun word, and I'll leave you to investigate its origins and such if you're interested, but it means to give a little something extra for good measure. For example, the 13th donut that comes along with the first 12 to make a baker's dozen is a lagniappe.

The context I heard it in was to "leave a lagniappe around your stitching line when you are hand-appliqueing."

(I wonder if I've read the word "lagniappe" somewhere before, because as soon as the quilting instructor said it, I saw it spelled out properly in my mind. Either that or I am just super good at spelling.)

I love the concept of lagniappe. I don't think I'll get to use the actual word much, because I'm way too self-conscious to use language that doesn't belong to my own culture, but I can use the idea of it in my life.

Giving a little something extra for good measure. Sweet.

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