Friday, January 28, 2011

Remember a few days ago...

...when I said this: "Waiting for it while you save up for it is gratifying in many ways"?

Yeah. It's true, if you are the one waiting and saving. It's not as gratifying for other people to wait while you save up for things they want.

My Little Prince told me the other day, when I asked him what kind of car would he like, that he would like a new car.

That kid is so cute. And so funny! A new car, sure. In some parallel universe (where James has different parents), James (or any of our kids) gets a new car, courtesy of his parents.


  1. good try, James! I commend your efforts!

  2. LOLOL we bought Alisa a very gently used Kia. She helps make the car payments and pays for her insurance - so its worth it to me not having to worry about her breaking down all the time (which happened in the Grand Am all the dern time).