Tuesday, February 21, 2012

40 Bags - bag #20

The "school supplies box". We've had a school supplies stash for years and years and years, and every summer when school supplies were on sale I'd stock up on various things to put in the bin.

Over the years some things didn't get taken to school, and at the end of the year leftovers would come home, and it's all sort of piled up. I was able to get rid of a bag nearly full of trash (partially used spiral notebooks, worn pocket folders, crumpled notebook paper) and a small pile of supplies to be donated to the elementary school across the street.

Because I had cleaned out my closet there was room on a shelf for a stack of still-good notebook filler paper, a few new 3-ring binders, and some clean graph paper. In the chest of drawers in my closet there is a drawer for kids' craft supplies where, because I purged it a couple of weeks ago, there was room for a couple boxes of new crayons, some safety scissors, and a gallon-size ziploc bag full of colored map pencils. Do I really need that many colored pencils? Probably not. I do like them, but I will think about it a bit more, and perhaps donate the majority of them.

It feels good to get the giant green bin out of my not-green-master bathroom where it's been living under my vanity area for years. I do love the feeling of spaciousness when things are cleared out.

Halfway there!

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