Saturday, February 4, 2012

40 Bags - bags #2-7

We worked in Jake's room today. We went through all the clothes in his closet including the hand-me-down boxes, and through all his dresser drawers. We also sorted through his toys, and he made the choice to pass along all his Imaginext toys. In total we are giving away 3 bags of clothes and 3 boxes of toys. If I give away the equivalent of 6 bags on one day, does that mean that I can take the next 5 days off? Maybe, but I feel like I'm on a roll!

Getting rid of the Imaginext toys has made me kind of sad. It feels pivotal. I have good memories of looking for them and buying them for Jake at birthdays and Christmases, and he has had such great fun playing with them. Getting rid of them means that Jake is growing up, and I'm not even really sad that he is growing up, because that's actually quite awesome. I guess I'm a little sad because it means that our family has moved on from one phase to another. We don't have any more small children. That is all behind us now. What the future holds we can only guess.

We do have Buttercup and she's awesome. And of course we expect that there will be more grandchildren to come along. But the Imaginext set-up isn't something that I want to have to deal with as a Grammie. All those little pieces to keep up with and save from being swallowed? No thanks. That's a mom job, not a Grammie job.

There is a lot more room now in Jake's bedroom. I think when I'm all done with my de-cluttering I'll give you a home tour on my blog.


  1. Wow! Great job, that is impressive! I so wish I had more organizational skills. I had been waiting to clean out the toys for a yard sale one spring day, but I think you are right about just getting it out so I won't have to think about it later. They are so much more work for really not that much money.

  2. Having a yard sale (unless you just love doing them) was accurately described by you as just making more work for oneself. I think I'd burn it all rather than have a yard/garage sale! They're OK to visit if you're looking for something, but I will not be doing one EVER. I have about half a dozen charities around here (blind, vets, habitat, etc.) that call me regularly. As I fill up bags (an on-going thing) I put them on my front porch (hidden from view by a row of tall holly bushes) and wait until someone calls. The next group to call gets them. wonderful...