Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One down, a hundred to go

Today I finished an afghan. I made it with the talent, the pattern, and the yarn that I inherited from my grandmother .

There is so much yarn that I have from her. You have no idea. I might be trying to use up her yarn for the rest of my life. This particular blanket used a good percentage of the dozens of large and small balls of a variety of light blues that she had saved, a giant skein of aran, and a giant skein of frosty green.

This blanket measures approximately 5 1/2 feet by 6 1/2 feet. It's a big one, and it's super warm which has been nice because the last few days it's been cold here. Yesterday my little Buttercup started a cold, and we cuddled together under this blanket while I was working on the edging.

It's going to my sister, because when she visited me and I asked her if she wanted it, she said yes.


  1. The afghan is magnificent! You are very talented!!


  2. Amy - My Mother would be so proud. This afghan is beautiful. If I'm really cold, which doesn't happen too often, I reach for the afghan she made for me. I've had it for years and years and it's still in perfect shape. Thanks so much for keeping her favorite pastime alive.

  3. YAY ME!!! WOOHOO!! I love warm fuzzy afghans!! I cant hardly wait!

  4. Good job, Honey. I love the one you made me of greens and white. I have the multicolored one from Grammy, too. Yes, she would be proud of you.