Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'll tell you a secret

Well, maybe it's not a secret. Maybe it's quite obvious to everybody by the look on my face when I am confronted with the source of my fear.

I'm afraid of little dogs.

Actually quite terrified by them. Big dogs make me nervous but seem gentler and more predictable than little dogs. Big dogs go on about their business. If a big dog is walking down the street, it doesn't get up in your face just because you happen to be walking down the street too. They settle down when there's nothing to be excited about. If you are dumb enough to get up in its business, sure, a big dog will take you down. But generally a big dog doesn't want to kill you if he doesn't have to. I think it's because generally people treat their big dogs like dogs.

People treat their little dogs like babies, though. I think that messes up the minds of the little dogs. It makes them psycho. Little dogs are mean. Bitey. Growly. Snarly. Little dogs totally freak out over what seems to be nothing, or maybe it's just that those things are invisible to humans. You can't walk by a little dog, or the home of a little dog, without it going all crazy/psycho/nuts on you. It'll try to kill you if it can.

Little dogs are scary. People who own little dogs say that they are sweet and lovable and gentle. And maybe those dogs are exactly that to those people. To everyone else though, you can see it in their little beady eyes - "I'll kill you if I can".

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  1. My girls are the same way ever since they were tiny, they are terrified of little dogs. Daisy still can't even be in the same room as one and immediately climbs up my body, shaking and crying. I feel the opposite only because I imagine the damage a big dog can do vs. a little one. I grew up with both little and big ones and generally love them, but as an adult I got scared out of my mind when a german shepherd got right in my face ready to kill me without provocation. And then I've heard about too many big dogs that were completely gentle and for whatever reason snapped and attacked a child causing some serious bodily harm. I am perfectly happy to be a cat person now :)