Friday, February 17, 2012

What a difference

that tackling one small job can make!

The window above my kitchen sink* gets dirty so fast. Soapy water splashes up from the sink, and other unidentifiable bits get stuck there. It seems like a pointless job because as soon as I wash the window it gets dirty again. Which fact doesn't stop me from doing the laundry or the dishes, or vacuuming the carpets, or sweeping the floor or wiping down the kitchen table. Or washing my hair or my hands or making my bed or any of the other thousand things I do and re-do every day and week. Why this one thing - washing the kitchen window - qualifies as a pointless job and therefore not worthy of doing, I do not know.

I grabbed the Windex and a rag yesterday, dragged over a chair from the kitchen table, and went after it. A minute or two later and I had a clear view to my sweet boy playing battle in the backyard. It kind of makes me want to wash all the windows in the house. I'm hoping that the feeling will pass in a minute.

*This window doesn't have a covering. It's because this window, as well as the big window in our master bathroom, have tile that extends up from the backsplash to become the window sill and about 8" up the sides of the window casings. It's a dumb set-up because it makes the inside measurement of the window opening at the bottom different than the inside top measurement so blinds and shades don't fit properly. I've nixed the idea of curtains because they would get dirty as often as the window does for the exact same reason, and washing the curtains and rehanging them all the time seems like a lot of work. Doesn't it? I don't know and so the window remains uncovered and looking bare and in need of something.

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  1. Maybe just a valance would work?
    I've got little jobs like that I just hate to have to do.