Tuesday, March 13, 2012

40 Bags - bag #25

Re: the candle cabinet, which is where I keep all my scented candles, votive glasses, lighters, and matches. I went through it mostly to straighten it up, and remembered when I found them that I had saved for the future dozens of short pillar candles that are white, unscented, and already partially burnt up. I know that I saved them because there is still plenty of use in them. I saved them because I spent money on them, and it seems like a waste of that money to throw them away. We used them as part of some decorations for an outdoor wedding last year.

Reasons they are out of here now:
  • They are white, which means they don't add a splash of cheery color to my white kitchen counter (where I set all candles while they are burning), which wouldn't be so bad except that
  • They are also unscented. The reason I light a candle in the first place is to bring some fragrance to the house. To counteract whatever funk is coming from the boys' bedrooms.
  • They've already been burned for a few hours. Which means that when I go to use them again as decor for another wedding or other event, they won't seem good enough.

Now that I'm thinking about it though, they would be perfect for use during long-term power outages such as we get during a hurricane. Hurricane season starts in 2 weeks. I think I'll dig them out of the trash and put them back in the candle cabinet. I'll put them in a box though, instead of rolling around creating havoc and falling down onto my head every time I open the cabinet.

I guess that means I'm still looking to fill up bag #25!


  1. WOW! Bag 25 is impressive!

    Perhaps a wise move to store them as you are in hurricane zone!!

    Impressed with your journey of clutter clearing!!

  2. Yeah, I keep all candles and they're all in the same place. I think I can find them in the dark for the occasional power outage, so since you get those more often and yours seem to last longer than ours do, keep them!