Tuesday, March 27, 2012

product review

Bar Keeper's Friend.

Of course I have heard of this and have seen it in the store. I've always thought it was regular cleanser like Comet or Ajax which is what I've always bought for scrubbing out sinks and tubs.

The other day on a blog I saw where a lady had scrubbed the silvery-gray marks off her stoneware dinner plates with this stuff and I immediately thought of this:

See that silvery-gray ring around the bottom of the bowl? That's where my Little Friend scrapes up with a spoon the last few molecules of oatmeal every morning. Over time that gray ring has appeared on all the bowls that he uses at breakfast.

I wondered if Bar Keeper's Friend would work on the stains. I thought it was probably the same kind of scrape mark that was on the blogger's plates. Today I bought some, and sprinkled it all around my white porcelain sink. There have been the same silvery-gray marks there from silverware, pots and pans, specifically my aluminum pizza pan that is too big to lay flat in the sink so it has always rubbed against the side of the sink when I've washed it. I scrubbed with a brush for a little while, not too strenuously, but giving it a good going-over. I have done this many, many times with Comet and it hasn't helped at all. Then I used the brush on the bowl.

The bowl and the sink are clean! I will work on the sink a few more times over the next week or so. Some of those marks are 15 or more years old, but it looks pretty great, and the yellow onion-skin stain from yesterday is gone too! It's hard to tell in the picture because of all the reflections and shadows in the sink but I'm very happy with how clean and new the sink looks.

Here's the bowl:
Bar Keeper's Friend is definitely not the same as Comet.


  1. I need to get me some of that stuff!

  2. Wow, I've never seen it. I'll look for it and get some. Now, what to do with all my Comet?

    1. I'll use mine for the bathtubs and showers. I think BKF is mostly for the kitchen.

  3. I used BKF anywhere there are hard water stains and it works like a charm. Even in the toilet bowl.