Thursday, March 8, 2012

freezer organization

When I straightened up the medicine cabinet last week I ended up with some extra baskets. I had said that using containers in the freezer seemed like wasting space to me. I also didn't like the idea that I would have to take out the basket that contained all the frozen vegetables just to find the one bag of broccoli I needed. It can't be good for frozen foods to go in and out of the freezer multiple times, right?

Since the extra baskets were in the kitchen by the fridge I figured what the heck. I had done some soul-searching and had admitted to myself that because I generally use the first package I find of whatever it is that I'm looking for, there is more than one opened bag of frozen spinach in the freezer. There might also have been more than one opened bag of broccoli cuts, and a couple of opened bags of frozen peas. I had admitted to myself that when I'm looking for a roll of sausage I nearly always end up in some sort of arctic expedition to the back of the freezer that involves taking everything out of the freezer and laying it on the counter, only to have to put it all back when I discover that, in fact, we don't have any sausage, so I can't really use the excuse that it's not good for food to go in and out of the freezer. I admitted to myself that I buy frozen vegetables and fruits because I don't know what we already have on hand.

Typically I would call this extra "food storage". But since our freezer is a freezer/fridge, freezer space is at a premium. There has to be balance in our freezer.

I put all the frozen veg in one basket, and all the frozen fruit in another. Tonight when I was making pork fried rice for dinner I took the veg basket out of the freezer, found the peas & carrots, and put the basket back in. It took approximately 3 seconds. Although the baskets do take up more room that just shoving everything in, there was actually a lot less hassle than doing it the old way. A nice bonus was that I didn't end up with frostbite.

I also know that I don't need to buy frozen spinach next time I'm in the store. I have a few bags in there already. And really, it's nobody's business if they are all opened.

I can see myself gradually over time containerizing the rest of the items in my freezer. It actually does make finding things and keeping an inventory much easier.

Who knew? Live and learn.


  1. I especially love your choice of photo for this blog. :o) You're my favorite!

  2. Good ideas! I also enjoyed the picture--you have conquered the ice!

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  4. "There has to be balance in our freezer."

    I'll be darned if there isn't! There just must be balance!

    You make it seem like the state of our freezer is of epic proportion. But, I'm glad organizing it makes you happy.