Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fun and Done!

My mom called me before she left home for her long trip and asked if I had anything for us to sew when she made it to the Dub house. She wanted to know if she could bring her sewing machine.

Luckily, the next day at quilting group we learned a new technique for a pieced quilt (the pattern is called Fun and Done!) that quilts itself as you piece it. That way, when you're done sewing the pieces together you are completely finished with the quilt. There's no layering the pieced top with batting and backing, no basting, no quilting, and no binding with its hand-stitching and mitering of corners.

I picked out some fabric last week and today I finished cutting out all the pieces so that when my mom gets here all we have to do is sew. I think it will be really beautiful when it's finished.

(I wonder if there is a handicraft in existence in which I enjoy every single step. I hope there is and someday I hope to find it. As for quilting, I like the sewing and I really like the having a handmade quilt. I don't love cutting out the pieces or the ironing. Or maybe one day I'll have a child who will do all the drudge work and I'll have only the fun stuff to do in a project.)


  1. more likely a child will sneak up and try to help by doing all the fun stuff wrong, and ruining all your previous drudge work.
    I really love those fabrics - I think it will be beautiful too!

  2. I think it's a great idea! We'll be there this evening; I can hardly wait to see everybody. Of course, we're bringing buttercup and the KareBear.

  3. I love the fabrics! I hope you post pictures of the completed project! Can I have the pattern???